Fishing Charters in Daytona Beach!

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If you are in or around the area of Daytona Beach, Florida and have a yearning to try your hand at inshore or offshore deep saltwater fishing, we’ve got you covered.  Captain Brad is a seasoned fisherman, who knows the area like the back of his hand to get you where you want to be in your next fishing extravaganza.


Learn to Catch “The Big One.”

Fishing education goes beyond just throwing your line in some of Florida’s most beautiful aquamarine waters. Captain Brad will teach you:

  • Fish species in prime and non-prime feeding times
  • Retrieval tactics What attracts more species of fish?
  • Use of the proper baits for specified seasons
  • Appropriate use of artificial baits for defined seasons
  • Good rigging tactics
  • How to monitor tides, barometric pressure, phases of the moon, and peak fishing times


On a Somber Note

We also offer a unique service not found everywhere. We provide this service due in part to public demand. Many of our clients tell us that the costs of funerals have risen so much that it only seems appropriate to arrange a sea burial for their ashes. This cuts costs for the deceased who embraces the sea and designates the family to follow through with a sea burial as a last wish.

We do not mind making last wishes a reality for those who designate a burial of ashes at sea. We provide the following.

  • Ash scattering services in the Daytona Beach Waterways
  • Provide a burial Sea Boat
  • Proved a private, quiet, and peaceful setting
  • Beautiful, serene scenery

In Conclusion

What is your weekend or vacation goal? Offshore fishing or inshore (a burial of ashes at sea?) You name your destination such as New Smyrna Beach or the Daytona Beach area as well as Famous Mosquito Lagoon and Captain Brad will make it happen.


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