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Are you ready for a shark fishing trip with Captain Brad?

Recreational fishing has become an increasingly popular activity for avid anglers and beginners with a passion for the ocean. It is a modern day adventure trip available for large groups of friends and family members. Charters with Captain Brad provides a Daytona Beach shark fishing experience unlike any other with the opportunity to get close to nature and explore the vast waters with all it has to offer.

Deep sea fishing charters differ from the freshwater trips offering tour guides on powerful boats. A relaxing day out on the tide offers a number of opportunities to catch something exciting at the end of the line. The entire trip is guided by Captain Brad a true professional who will ensure that safe standards are maintained and all individuals have a good time.

The crew will designate an area to keep rods and stock on deck where it will not get in the way and provide ease of access. Utilizing the correct tools while on board is important for a catch and the enjoyment of the tour. Adhering to the correct safety standards can protect individuals and prevent complications that can be avoided. For both experienced fisherman and newcomers, a breakdown of technique and the correct use of equipment can deliver surprising results. Proper gear and the application of the correct strategies can assist in delivering valuable experiences.

A shark fishing trip with Captain Brad will provide you, your friends or your family a deep sea exploration and unique ocean encounters. Tailored trips are favored for families and friends.

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