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Client with polarized shades

Hi everybody! 

Today I wanted to discuss the importance of protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays. And if you are visiting anywhere near Daytona or New Smyrna Beach, Florida, you’re definitely going to need it! Polarized shades are a type of eye wear used to protect you’re eyes from harmful sun rays. Ultra violet sun rays can be extremely harmful to some parts of the eye and cause permanent damage to the cornea, retina and other areas of the eye. Polarized shades aren’t just made for the sun, they are useful in any situation where long term exposure to light can damage you’re eyes.

Other kinds of sunglasses can be useful in other ways, like keeping particles and foreign material out of your eyes. The glare from water, sun and snow is also cut down by a special film on the polarized lenses. This is why I recommend most of my clients to invest in a pair of polarized shades because you can see schools of fish and protect your eyes at the same time! Especially if you’re going to be fishing in Daytona Beach or New Smyrna Beach, Florida.These special types of sunglasses are getting recognized in many sports as a way to preform a lot better.

Fishing being one of the more recognized sports that finds polarized glasses useful. To cut things down into simple form, light travels horizontally and vertically. The polarized lenses have vertical strips of film that protect against light vibrations coming horizontally. This is why when I take my clients to world famous fishing spots such as Mosquito Lagoon, they are very useful for spotting Red Fish and Trout in skinny waters. They are used for people who have eye surgery and are sensitive to light as well but they are not used as prescription glasses.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to protect your eyes from harm then go out and buy a pair of polarized sun glasses, you cant go wrong! Thanks everybody for tuning in! Hope to see you soon! -Captain Brad


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