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Charters by Captain Brad offers Daytona Beach fishing charters to visitors locally. All equipment and tools are provided by the charter team.

PRESS RELEASE: Daytona Beach FL, 01-MAY-2016 – Charters by Captain Brad is pleased to announce that visitors to Daytona Beach can take advantage of the quality charter trips to the fishing areas offshore. When the Daytona Beach offshore fishing charter trips are booked, group members can take advantage of the most experienced guides in the area. More than 25 years of fishing the waters of the area have provided a unique knowledge of where and when to fish.

For visitors to the Daytona Beach area, a charter excursion to catch fish is often an integral part of the trip. The visitors can take advantage of the fully equipped charters in order to fish. Captain Brad and the charter firm provide all the needed equipment to transport passengers to the offshore fishing locations. In addition, the full equipment is provided. This includes tackle, fishing rods, bait and nets which are necessary for hooking and retrieving the various types of fish.

Charter trip members may be looking for a specific type of fish during their charter. Captain Brad has the knowledge of where the fish are at a particular time or season. This enables the charter group members to have the highest likelihood of success during the expedition.

The range of species which are available to charter group members includes red snapper, grouper, and amberjack. Anglers that are after larger species such as sharks and tarpon are able to participate in trips to the area of the offshore waters which are most likely to result in a successful catch. Some of the other catches reported by charter group anglers include triggerfish, cobia, Mahi, weakfish and barracuda.

Learn more about offshore fishing charters by checking out the web pages at today. Members of the press and those who have questions about the contents of this press release are urged to contact Captain Brad at the location given below.

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