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If you are serious about catching fish, contact Captain Brad of Mosquito Lagoon. He has twenty five years of experience fishing these waters and knows all the tricks of his trade. He loves the thrill of catching big game fish, and the photos on his website attest to the success of his charters reeling in the big ones. Make your reservation for Mosquito Lagoon fishing charter Oak Hill Florida.

Captain Brad keeps his charters small with only two to six passengers. The Captain and his mate will also be on board for the six passenger charters. The smaller boat is designed for shallow waters like those found in Mosquito Lagoon. During this trip, there will be two passengers only and the Captain will be there minus his mate. Even avid fisherman will learn more than they thought possible, as they will have the undivided attention of the experienced Captain.

Cast your prey, work the bait pods, and shoals of oyster bars are a few of the fishing terms you will learn from the Captain. By the time you finish your chartered trip, you will be talking like a professional fisherman. This is the language spoken by people who love the sport of catching fish.

When you fish in shallow waters, you can actually see the fish before they grab the bait, or as Captain Brad would say, Fish On! He will show his passengers how to work the docks and look under structures to discover what fish are waiting to be caught. The process is really a sport for him, and he loves the game.

On his boat, passengers learn what he calls new retrieval tactics. They learn what bait works for which fish and why. Passengers learn when and why to use live bait versus artificial bait. Passengers are on the water having a great time, but it is almost as if they are in school getting a masters degree in the sport of catching fish.

If you are looking for a memorable and educational charter, this is the one for you. The man simply loves what he does for a living. The thrill of catching fish will make a believer out of you. Have a great trip. You will not be talking about the one that got away, you will be showing pictures of the big fish you actually caught.

Discover the natural beauty of Mosquito Lagoon by using the Daytona Beach fishing charter service. To book today, visit this link here

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