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Captain Brad’s Inshore Fishing Charter in Daytona Beach

Mosquito Lagoon and areas along the Halifax River like spruce creek, Turnbull Creek are the center of all Inshore and Backcountry fishing in Daytona Beach.

All inshore fishing charters originating in Daytona Beach are either in Mosquito lagoon, spruce creek along the Halifax River or one of its tributaries or the end at ponce inlet. So what’s biting in either Daytona Beach or New Smyrna Beach inshore? Redfish in mosquito lagoon is world famous the water here during the winter can be crystal clear it’s a very salty area further away from the ocean inlets and during our winter months December thru April you can find these fish schooled up with easy double digit days on the catch, trout are very good too there, but the redfish take center stage. Along the Halifax river areas like spruce creek fresh water meets salt, a brackish salt water mix a tea color year around, the fishing can be really awesome at times with many species, like pompano during spring and fall water temps around 64 to 68 are ideal a great eating fish, other fish like yellow tail jacks, bluefish sheepshead, trout, black drum redfish and the local favorite the Snook. Snook can be very hard to catch  usually late fall is the best bite and it can be some of the best action you’ll ever see certain nights before a front but very rewarding all fish inshore are very good eating depending on a personal taste.

 Note most inshore fishing in the Daytona Beach area is best during our winter months as the water temps drop they get very aggressive feeding on whatever comes in their path fattening up for the winter months. Best baits for inshore fishing, live bait is best, croakers, mullet, and shrimp, but my favorite is jigs and top water. I’ve been fishing these waters since the early 80s and have seen lots of change over the many years, I know these waters better than anyone I starting guiding in the late 90s there’s nothing I don’t know about fishing these waters inshore from mosquito lagoon to the northern Halifax River areas like spruce ,which a lot of areas require an expert guide to navigate these shallow oyster bed dangerous navigable waters, many folks that buy land use my experience to help them learn how to navigate the waters around there area, that should tell something about me and local knowledge is key here.

 Let my experience show you a great inshore fishing charter that thousands have come to enjoy and still come back many years now. Don’t wait, book your fishing trip in either Daytona Beach. This is a very enjoyable charter the whole family will enjoy.

Tight lines! –Captain Brad

Fish You’ll Catch Inshore






black drum




yellow tail jacks








Mango Snapper



Inshore Fishing Charter Prices

3hrs @ $349!

4hrs @ $449!

5hrs @ $549!

Rate includes up to 2 Anglers, $75 for each additional Angler up to 6. Please note for farther out reefs add an additional $125 for fuel which include live reefs. $99 for each additional hour. Gratuity is greatly appreciated

“Captain Brad and his mate are tons of fun or highly advise you to take a trip with them. He will definitely show you and your family a good time. Top Notch private Charter.”  – Nathan Essex

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