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Fishing is a favored past time of many people. While catching trout in a river or stream is a lot of fun, sometimes you want a little more adventure. If you crave more excitement and the joy of being out on the open ocean, then a Daytona Beach fishing charter may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

These charter companies provide you with everything you need, including rods and bait. All you have to do is show up with hat and sunscreen and proper clothing to get started. Some may even provide water and other refreshments and possibly even food depending on the length of the trip.

The length of the trip depends on the type of experience you want. The shortest trip is generally four hours, including the travel time to the best spots. You could opt for a longer trip, such as a half day jaunt to get in more time, or even a full day one.

The captains of these boats have years of experience shark fishing, so they know the best times to go and best areas. They are happy to accommodate you with another party or to give you a private tour.

You could even do a combo trip where you fish for different types of catches. You may spend some time in one area for sharks, and then move to another spot for other, smaller fish. You may even be able to book the charter as part of a larger package deal through your travel agent that includes hotel and airfare among other amenities.

These charters are great for the whole family, so bring them along. Or make it a friends trip instead for some catch up time with old buddies. Even bachelor parties have been known to take these trips. No matter what the occasion, this is an adventure you won’t soon forget.

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