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The Florida coast is a popular vacation destination for people all around the world. Many people go for the chance to visit the beach where they can bask in the sunshine ad swim in the surf. For those looking for more adventure, Daytona Beach fishing charter companies offer exciting opportunities to catch sharks.

The waters off the coastline near Daytona Beach are teeming with many different species of sharks. Hammerhead, bull, and mako sharks are the most common seen in this are but there are many other varieties as well. Hammerheads typically hunt along the bottom of the ocean. At night, they hunt alone but during the day, they swim in schools. Specimens in this area usually weigh a few hundred pounds.

Anyone who wants to fish for bull sharks must have a certain amount of courage. They are extremely aggressive and are able to survive just as well in freshwater as they do in saltwater. Sometimes they swim upstream in ocean inlets and canals searching for prey. They are very powerful and can weigh as much as 500 pounds.

Catching sharks is a challenge for anglers of all skill levels. These creatures are at the top of the ocean’s food chain for good reason. They are fierce predators that do not give up on a fight easily.

It is important to select a charter company with experience fishing for sharks. They will be able to provide the proper equipment and tackle. Their guides will have specific knowledge of the area and know what kind of bait to use and where to use it.

Finding the right shark fishing charter will ensure the trip is a successful one. For avid anglers, there is nothing more exciting than hunting for sharks. They get the thrill of seeking new prey in a new environment with unique challenges.

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