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Hey there Anglers!

Barometric pressure is something lot of fishermen never take it into consideration when fishing. Some fish are more tolerable than other species because there bladder is larger. I keep an eye on the barometric pressure here in Daytona beach, New Smyrna beach, and one of my favorite areas mosquito lagoon, because it does effect our fish here in there feeding habits. Being a charter Captain can be very challenging so using every arsenal in your box is very important.

The pressure is important. Knowing if its dropping or rising, if its going to rain or a frontal boundary is closing in on the state which here in central Florida it can fluctuate a lot due to cold fronts stalling out in the middle of the state. If and when these changes happen causing barometric pressure drop our fish will go to deeper water, drop offs just causing a much slower bite, fish can be very picky during this time. A rise in pressure above 30.5 can usually mean a much better bite and if it keeps rising look for fish to go in the shallows like the flats in world famous Mosquito lagoon.

It’s having that knowledge of what the fish are doing that let’s me know where I’ll take clients to catch the fish and it’s why I have a 100% catch guarantee!

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to fishing with you! Book a charter with me today!

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