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The area around Daytona Beach is probably best known for the annual car race that happens not too far away. However, locals and frequent visitors know that the area, including New Smyrna Beach, is well known for its fishing. There are lots of areas where you can bring in quite a haul, especially if you enjoy big game fish such as sharks. A New Smyrna shark fishing charter company can help you find those hot spots and bring home some dinner.

Though it is not as readily available in grocery stores like tuna or snapper is, shark meat is actually really tasty. If you go deep sea angling and catch one, you could be setting your family up with dinner meat for quite a few meals.

To book one of these charters, you should have the night off. This is because most species that live in the area are most active at night, so that is when they want to feed. They are far more likely to bite on your bait during the dusk and nighttime hours, so do not be surprised if your boat leaves at 6:00 pm or later.

Most boats want you to book at least two people at a time for a set fee. However, you can bring more people for an additional charge. In fact, most places will give you a discount for having more than two people on board.

You will board the vessel and be given a safety briefing. Then it is time to ride out to the hottest spots. Bait and rods will be provided, but feel free to bring your own lines and lures if you prefer.

Most charters are at least four hours long, so you will get lots of actual time to try and land a big one. Refreshments or snacks might be provided, so ask your trip coordinator about that. Be sure to bring a towel, sunglasses and sunscreen and you’ll be ready for the experience of a lifetime.

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