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Captain Brad’s Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Daytona Beach Florida!

Deep sea fishing can guarantee any angler fish provided the seas allow us to venture out. Fishing along our coast let’s anglers try many types of fish and many techniques in order to catch these awesome species. We have fish that will either constantly move or migrate up and down the coast and far out offshore Daytona beach.

The pelagic species such as Cobia, Amberjack, king mackerel, and mahi mahi are our main target, cruising the coast April thru October here. These fish range from a few pounds to over 100 pounds and are very strong fighting fish giving an angler a fight to remember. Our coast has lots of bottom fish examples too, grouper, many types of snapper like mango snapper, redsnapper ,vermillion snapper, lane snapper, and mutton snapper along with trigger fish and seabass.

Some history about the deep sea fishing here. In the Seventy’s nearly all natural reefs were wiped out or overfished so a plan was put in place to provide more places to give species places to repopulate. Thousands of artificial reefs along our coast were introduced by the Florida fish and wildlife commission and by the Army Corps of Engineers. Over 35yrs and thousands of artificial reefs later it has given new life to our offshore fisheries and some of the best fishing in the world is right here in Daytona beach Florida. These reef projects are still ongoing, providing new life and crustaceans along with other life forms grow within one year of a new reef site. Providing food source and structure that’s cover for smaller fish, large bait pods gather here along with many species that find these artificial reefs home. There are still some natural reefs that have gotten a lot better due to so many new reef sites to fish in because they aren’t over fished. They are sometimes overlooked with so many places to fish now. Deep sea fishing is a fishermen’s paradise with many opportunities to catch the biggest fish of your life. Warning it can be very addicting. Signs are loss of sleep, talking in sleep, words like “get the rod” or “fish on!”. Daytime signs are coon eyes, excessive amounts of fishing gear and missing work.

While you’re here in Daytona Beach you want the most knowledgeable Captain who knows what’s working the best and where to go on any given day and that’s me. I have dedicated my life to fishing and running charters since the nineties. I’ve done commercial fishing off the Bahamas 20yrs back, I ran a Miss Cape Canaveral head boat for a year, then off to my own boat over 15yrs now full time. It takes knowledge, skills and techniques to catch so many different species while fishing these waters, let my experience ensure you a trip of a lifetime! Book now!

Deep Sea Fishing Charter Prices

3hrs @ $549!

4hrs @ $649!

6hrs @ $849!

Full day @ $949!


Rate includes up to 2 Anglers, $75 for each additional Angler up to 6. Please note for farther out reefs add an additional $125 for fuel which include live reefs. $99 for each additional hour. Gratuity is greatly appreciated

Shark fishing trips in Daytona Beach

Our Shark fishing along our beaches is the best, that’s why we are called ”The shark bite capital of the world”. Thousands of sharks roam our beaches, and April thru October is our best months. I cannot guarantee is the type of shark you will catch because many species of shark roam these waters and certain times there are more of one specie than others. The most common sharks to catch along Daytona beach and New Smyrna beaches are: spinner sharks, black tip, sharp nose, lemmon, bull, bonnethead and most peoples favorite the hammerhead shark.

I use lots of techniques to insure success such as big bait like 10 pound plus bonita tide off the back of the boat for chumming these monsters up. Many days during the summer 1000s of sharks will be behind the boat allowing us to cast at the shark we want to catch. Note there are regulations on sharks; which ones and there size as to determine whether you get to keep, that’s why you hire a professional fishing guide not only because we have the skills to successfully insure you catch and how to handle these toothy critters but also we have to constantly keep up with any new changes that are implemented.

I have been shark fishing since 1985, and there’s never been a dull moment. These fish stand up to their name; incredible fight, very aggressive, always a thrill and excitement leaving you wanting more. You will love this! Book a shark fishing charter with Charters by captain Brad today for line screaming, rod bending action.

After this your arms will be tired!

Take a Shark Fishing Charter!

$379 – 2 Hours
$479 – 3 hours
$599 – 4 Hours

All Summer Long 100% Guaranteed Catch. Rate includes 2 ppl $50 for each additional person. Gratuity is greatly appreciated

“Highly recommend! I called Captain Brad last minute when another captain canceled. Luckily he had a couple hours available to take us fishing. Brad and mate Ryan were professional and made sure my son had a great time. Brad’s boat and equipment were top notch. My son caught numerous sharks including a 7 foot nurse shark. Next trip to Daytona we will be calling Captain Brad.” – Kim Dore

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